I have a site that I want to make a new start with using a new domain. No redirect, not bothered about keeping the link value from old site.

The site has some very good content, but Google treated it as an affilite site so I never really got any traffic from them. The site was an informational content site but designed like an affiliate one (using custom design) because I was promoting heavily a few affiliate products. (95% of the content on the site was non-affiliate in nature. I never got the deserved traffic from Google. Most of it came from Yahoo and Bing, the first time I got more traffic on a site from a search engine other than Google. I was getting around 200 to 250 uniques a day though reckon will have been 500 to 800 if Google ranked it.

Anyway, I am now looking to redo the site from scratch, starting on a new domain. I would like to keep the existing posts (of which there were around 150), as these were sort of 'evergreen'.

How do I configure the site to display the posts? I have uploaded (via FTP) the saved files and database of the old site to the public html on the new host and domain, but it doesn't show up.

I wanted to get a coder to set the site up but am afraid they may steal the content and set the site up on a domain of theirs. I don't believe they will as most are trustworthy, but there is always an element of risk when there's a bunch of content that isn't indexed. I don't have much protection if they do. I don't normally hesitate in using a coder if the work is beyond my scope because the site is already indexed and I have a backup on my local machine

Is there way, if I can't set the posts and the site structure on a new domain, extract the posts so I can manually publish the posts myself?

This is probably easy work for a coder/designer, but like I say I would be taking risk as the content is no longer published.