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    Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Useful In The Digital Age?

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    With the number of headlines devoted to digital marketing, and email marketing in particular, you would assume that the traditional direct mail and door drop marketing provides no value these days. You may be led to believe that businesses of all types have stopped using direct marketing and moved exclusively to digital era. Nothing could be further from truth! While there is a shift to email marketing in recent times, traditional direct marketing is alive and well, albeit with reduced volume. Let me provide some data to back up that claim and show why businesses still prefer to use direct marketing.

    Royal Mail estimated that there were 19.7 billion letters sent in 2005. Of those, 6.17 billion were related to direct marketing Ė the letters and mailers sent by businesses. By 2013 the total number of letters had fallen to 13.8 billion out of which 4.4 billion were direct mail. Forecast for total number of letters and direct mail is continued reduction in volume.

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    Direct mail still works in the digital age for a number of reasons.

    1. It Makes People Happy
    2. It Improves Brand Recognition
    3. It Works with Other Approaches
    4. Thereís Less Competition
    5. Itís Open to All Audiences
    6. How Authors Can Use Direct Mail

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    Itís important to remember that not everyone embraces technology. A fairly high percentage of adults over age 65 (around 41%) still do not use the Internet at all. According to Huffington Post, ďFor marketers, thatís a huge segment that cannot be targeted using PPC, email or social media. Direct mail allows you to keep your offers open to all audiences rather than just the majority who fit your online strategy.Ē

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