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    Where to sell locksmith lead?

    VPS Hosting

    I have around 5k locksmith calls per day nationwide and need to sell the leads. It's getting really hard for me to move this amount of volume. I was wondering if anyone knows a better way to handle it or any tips. I'd really appreciate it.

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    Start with your target audience, find out what type of companies needs your leads, in this case Lock Smiths + related, you need to do research and narrow down type of companies.

    Figure out where they handout. Find a reputed company in your audience category, create a list of all their details, website, social media pages, simply everything.

    Try to get noticed,
    e.g if they hand out on the Facebook group ABC, you need to engage in that group and offer the valuable information.

    Offer a great lead magnet (e.g Get 10 free leads for your lock smith business), build your email list as well in the meantime using a tool like GetResponse[1]
    There are many ways to approach, but first you must figure out where they handout.




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