Hi everybody, I know a niche that fits all the requisites: collectors/nerds, totally into it, money is involved, items are traded/sold all the time, items are highly coveted, rare, hard to get, number of collectors increases all the time, prices are rising, AND there is a real need for experts since 95+% of all items on the market are fake!

I was wondering: outside of trading actual material items, how to monetize this without ever touching actual items? I doubt that content marketing/adsense is the answer here.

I do know that forums are hot, and websites selling actual items have their forums which have 1000's of hits, replies, etc.
I know this niche is very promising, but what would y'all say are the best ways to monetize this online?

Like I said: preferably NOT buy buying and selling/directly trading items myself (customs can screw this up royally)

Example: say there's a good niche of Rolex collectors, how do you monetize that niche without buying and selling actual Rolex watches?!

Thanks a bunch!

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