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    Telemarketing, anyone?

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    I've had this idea to start promoting by products and services by phone for quite a long time, and I believe in the next month I will start doing it. The thing is that I make no exceptions when it comes to quality and that's why I believe that if a person agrees to meet with me allowing me to present him my services, I will probably convert him.

    I will start gathering telephone numbers of companies that don't have websites and in a near future I will call them all within a day, at least that's my plan. My sources will be radio ads, since there are a lot of companies that place ads in radio shows because they are cheaper and they are already spending money in advertisement so I think they are more likely to convert.

    Anyway, I wanted to know, does anybody here have done telemarketing before and what can you suggest me?

    Thank you!

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    1. Telemarketing sales people do have to do a bit of talking, of course. They will need to tell the prospect:

    Who they are
    The company they work for
    The business offer

    2. A good telemarketer will generally have some notes available in front of them when they make a call. However, these notes will be details about the lead, the product and the offer, and not a generic script.
    Answering any questions

    3. Not all calls are easy. It takes a range of talents in order to do telemarketing:

    Itís not everyone that can juggle all these skills as and when theyíre needed, and then go onto the next call. Also it is important to learn from calls that donít go according to plan and use that experience to make the next call more successful.




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