I am currently researching the possibilities for a new internal project for our SEA strategy that we would like to implement and I have some doubts about some of our features in terms of the AdWords API, specifically the TargetingIdeaService.

If you look at the TargetingIdeaSelector in the requestAttributeTypes you can find the 'TARGETED_MONTHLY_SEARCHES'.
There it states the following: Represents the (approximated) number of searches on this keyword idea (as available for the past twelve months), targeted to the specified geographies.
Resulting attribute is MonthlySearchVolumeAttribute.

So we can get at least the past twelve months. But would it be possible to set the year for those returned months using the MonthlySearchVolume?

Say I want the search volumes for the whole of 2016? Can I set it to check for the year 2016 from the 12th moment and it will return 01-2016 till 12-2016?

Or is there no way to get data from previous years?

Many thanks!
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