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    How to create a website for Ad sense?

    VPS Hosting
    You have come to know all aspects to make money from Google through their AdSense program. But in every section I have said you must have a blog.

    Now, let’s see the process of how to start your own blog for making money.

    Already I have explained in the previous article about the steps involved in starting your own blog for money.

    However, I will summarize here important points so to give you an idea. The very first step is to start a blog on any trending niche that you know about.

    You can start any blog in various sectors like a review blog, an article blog, an education blog, and niche blog on Making money online, affiliate marketing, referral marketing, etc.

    Choose a domain name: Very first initiative step in this process is to register a domain name which will tell you what you are having in your blog.

    It should be easily memorable, and name should be interesting.

    Make a thorough Google search about the niche you chosen for blog, and analyze its trend and future scope.

    I can give you some suggestion that you can blog for cooking, painting and photography, SMS & jokes, Business ideas and Tips blog etc.

    This will have high future scope in terms of search and you will get good volume of traffic every day.

    Choose a reliable hosting: After your domain registration, you need an internet server to host your website. This is the location where your website contents will be served to the entire world.

    Things to remember before choosing hosting:

    Affordable Price: Choose hosting that won’t burn your hands on paying their monthly charges.

    Reliable hardware and supporting software: Web server must have inbuilt good quality hardware components such as Hard Disk, Ram, Virtual Memory Space, Bandwidth along with latest version of software’s such as cPanel, Linux OS, MySQL, PHP versions etc.

    Data center Location: If your server is located nearer to your demographic location your website speed will be higher which will help you to get better ranking.

    Choose your target visitors and their location, purchase hosting from that location.
    Eg: If you are from India, then purchase a hosting in Indian Data Center. You can go with GoDaddy India, Hostgator India, Blue Host India.

    See More : Demo Video

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    Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us, it will be very helpful for beginner.

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    To setup your site with income generating PPC (pay per click) ads you first need to create a Google AdSense account. Login to your account and generate the code to add to your website. Follow the instructions provided by Google, or check out their video support.




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