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    VPS Hosting
    Paint/draw pictures
    Share links/promos to your Facebook or Twitter followers (works best if you have tons of followers)
    Help people get Facebook or Twitter followers
    Create video advertisements
    Help troubleshoot website problems
    Help people set up their websites
    Transcribe audio files
    Post advertisements to Craigslist and other sites online
    Help others with homework/essays
    Give advice (the sky is the limit here what are you qualified to give advice about?)
    Help people brainstorm come up with ideas
    Create PDF files
    Get rid of computer viruses or malware
    Sing songs on video or audio for others
    Create music for others using your talent (guitar, piano, etc.)
    Do voice overs/voice acting
    Write songs or jingles
    Master audio tracks
    Do research
    Teach lessons

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    i never sold anything to fiverr



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